UN MINIMO DISTACCO (work in progress 2015 / Debut 2016)

(A minimum detachment)




current repertory

by and with Caterina Basso

sound elaboration Roberto Passuti

lights Antonio Rinaldi

production ALDES

with the support of MIBACT/Direzione Generale Spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

artistic residencies Peer coaching Company Blu, Firenze Open Art Project, Crexida/Fienile Fluò con il sostegno di H(abita)t, ERT/Villa Pini, Spazio Danza e Leggere Strutture Bologna

tanks Silvia Berti, Erika De Crescenzo, Carlotta Scioldo

lenght 20 min

It happens to be in two places at once, to be both present and absent, inside and outside. Hang in the balance between an inner elsewhere, fleeting and fragile, and the vital weight of the earth. A bit of detachment allows us to watch our movements from outside, to remove weight, to mitigate the present which, by its nature, is continuously transformed into the past.

At the same time, the detachment separetes, creates distance, pain. If the pain of the loss of parts of ourselves, did not transform into liberation, it would be unbearable, dissolve our body in total quiet.

The present we try to adhere is as fleeting as the elsewhere where we guard our remotest thoughts?


Igor Vazzaz – Lo Sguardo di Arlecchino – 13  January 2016

Giuseppe Distefano - Artribune - 2 January 2016

Renzia D'Incà - Rumor(s)cena – 22 December 15


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