SUB (2018)


previous repertory

concept, choreography and technical direction ROBERTO CASTELLO


video, costumes and props ALDES

production ALDES

with the support of MIBACT/Direzione Generale Spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

tanks to LAVA di Valladolid (ES)

running time 1h ~

Contrarily to many other languages, in Italian the act of “making theatre” is not defined by the verb “to play”. Nonetheless, theatre is nothing but play. It is a game with no other aim than that of lighting the imagination of those who witness it, through the imaginative capacity of the person who acts it. What really is important in theatre is in fact not what happens on stage, but rather what each spectator thinks and imagines during the show. One tends to think about theatre as a place in which stories are told, but that’s not how it is, theatre is a place in which people meet to imagine and to think.

Sub is the first stage of an ongoing research that attempts to put in the spotlight not what people should or would like to be, but what they actually are, even despite themselves, presenting without any emphasis the divine beauty concealed in stupidity, senselessnes, inadequacy, in the decaying of the body and of the spirit, in the deterioration caused by the passing of time.

It is a theatre show – without text – that reflects on theatre itself.
On its profound nature, which is essentially non-verbal. The raw material of theatre is that enormous complexity of information, detail, impressions and feelings of which the world is made, it’s the people: their looks, their movements, their expressiveness, their voices, their imagination and, only minimally, the words they speak.

There are no words to really describe the complexity of reality. Nonetheless Western culture, that has overcome all other cultures, tends to entirely replace reality with words. Theatre moves within this contradiction.

In an attempt to resolve it, Sub has chosen to be a carousel for people watchers: a crazy kaleidoscope of actions that are sometimes matched with words, always and only written.
It is a game that capriciously composes and breaks up the connections of meaning between elements, stating that there is no reassuring explanation, but this is not a good enough reason to stop playing.


Tribuna Valladolid – 30/04/18

"... SUB is a philosophical experience that preserves the liveliness of life right in the moment when life itself reveals its plots. The spectator has the opportunity to experience and recognize the strength of live theater ... "