RING Festival (2014)

LUCCA 28.29.30|8|2014

Erdem Gündüz (TR), Roy Assaf (IL),  Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan) (FR), Tabea Martin (CH), Aline Nari & Davide Frangioni (ITA), Alessandro Certini / Company Blu - Certini/Zerbey (IT), Michelangelo Consani (IT), Marta Bellu (IT), Daniele Spanò (IT), CANI (IT), Irene Russolillo (IT), Roberto Castello (IT)



Ring Festival is organized on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Walls of Lucca with the intent of creating something unique by combining the most solid and durable issue the ancient city has to offer with works of contemporary dance and performance, the most ephemeral works that art can nowadays produce.
On August 28, 29 and 30 Lucca will become a stage dedicated to contemporary perfoming arts. For three days RING will present: performances, happenings, and dance shows.
A festival with almost invisible stagings, focused on quality and originality of the works and their interpreters, which origins from a close relationship with the hosting spaces and is moreover shaped upon these. Artists from Turkey, Israel, France, Switzerland and of course Italy, with many premieres and Italian debuts, will face the most diverse languages​​: dance (crossed over by video, words, live music), video mapping, verbal performance.

On the occasion of RING Festival, Erdem Gündüz will be awarded the "Premio dell'Uomo in Piedi" (Standing Man Prize). Erdem Gündüz's is the young choreographer who inspired this Prize through his famous performance “Duran Adam” (The Standing Man), that was held in 2013 in Istanbul's Taksim Square after the police's violent repression. The Prize has been established with the intention to award, through an international jury,  the international artist, in any discipline, whose work is an example of best conjugation of formal rigour, courage and civil commitment.

VideoLab, a web-video criticism workshop led by Graziano Graziani will take place contextually to RING, and will be focused on the topics of theater criticism, its perspectives and opportunities in contemporary communication; a unique educational opportunity, for the first time in Lucca. (info: / cell. 342.0592977)

Ring Festival is conceived and developed by ALDES, produced by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, Regione Toscana, with the support of the Comune di Lucca and Opera delle Mura di Lucca and in collaboration with Provincia di Lucca and the partners of SPAM!,  Comuni di Porcari, Viareggio, Massarosa, CAV / Fondazione Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta. Thanks to  Teatro del Giglio.
The Festival will be held on the walls, at Palazzo Ducale, and Piazza Del Giglio.

mediapartners: Il Tirreno, Note, Rumor(s)cena, Studio News 24

Tanks to: EMSoluzioni e Hotel Universo



cell.+39  342.0592977 (prenotazioni | videolab | stampa)
cell.+39  348.3213503 (info generali | stampa | web)

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