“Il migliore dei mondi possibili” (The best of all possible worlds) is a snapshot of the present, a look at the way we perceive time and the discrepancy between subjective and objective time. It is a broad collage of images, a collection of situations that justify and reciprocally give meaning to one another.

“Il migliore dei mondi possibili” is an ongoing project which will occupy the company from 2002 to 2008. It comprises ten thematically autonomous, self-standing performances. These are made up of brief, almost independent fragments which draw on different forms of expression such as dance, performance art, puppetry, happenings and theatre, depending on their subject matter.
Until now, parts I-IX of the project have all been completed, with Part V - “Curious” - having been presented as a study. Part X, the tenth and final segment which will close the series, has yet to be completed and will come out in printed form.

"La forma delle cose" (The form of things – UBU Prize '03) groups together material which, for various reasons, is related to the things we do, think or see in everyday life. It is both a work of social and political content and a reflection on dance-theatre.

"In movimento" (In movement) is an out and out study of choreography, a strictly formal work which plays exclusively on the semantic implications of pure movement.

"Racconta" (Narrates) currently comprises material resulting from experiments based on the integration of movement and narration. The video documentation of the performance is curated by the filming direction of Sudio Azzurro and wins the Italian Prize TTV for the Theater of Riccione in 2008.

"Sogni" (Dreams) is a fast-paced, funny work for teenagers about adolescence, with justice as its main theme. Using dance, words, video and sound it describes the restless dreams of a boy one stormy night.

"Curiosi" (Curious) will be made up entirely of kinetic art works. Using dancers, these works will be created for the stage by a number of visual artists. "Isole" (Island) is the first study of “Curiosi”, created in 2009 by Luca Vitone.

"Sul corpo" (About the body) is a totally improvised performance created in collaboration with video artist Giacomo Verde. Like “In movimento” it deals with pure movement, but here there is no outline of choreography or structure. Rather than sharing a dance technique or predefined structure, performers communicate via an aesthetic code that allows for a unique result with each performance. Select details of the action are filmed by Giacomo Verde and simultaneously projected onto a screen.

"Disperso" (Dispersed) is a happening for venues without seating for the public, created with Paolo Atzori (media artist).

"Nel disastro" (In the disaster) is the eight chapter of “Il migliore dei mondi possibili”, the one reserved to the individuals' lives. Here comes the title.
A sharp reflection on the sense of contemporary living, structured in a sequence of solos spaced out by short collective scenes.

"Sfavillante" (Sparkling) represents the performance epilogue of The Best of Possible Worlds (the ten-part project will end with a publication, Part X) and adds television experience to the company’s performance history.
Whereas in 2002 Part one (La forma delle cose - winner of the 2002 UBU Prize) began with some sad zapping in front of a TV screen, now, in an odd symmetry of fate, the company has ended up giving shape to the chaos from behind that same screen.

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