CARNE TRITA / Minced (2011)

CONCERTO PER VOCE E DANZA / concert for voice and dance

project and choreography ROBERTO CASTELLO


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production ALDES in collaboration with Fondazione Università di Ca' Foscari, Teatro di Ca' Foscari (VE), Associazione Didee (TO)

with the support of MINISTERO per i Beni e le Attività Culturali / Direz. Gen. Spettacolo dal vivo, REGIONE TOSCANA/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

Carne trita (litterally 'Minced') is a concert - a puzzling composition of movements, faces, acts and voices – which utilizes human figure for a staring, and all in all amused, praise to the the nonsense of fate; a tribute to the beauty, patience, effort and perseverance of those who have not reasons to believe in the possibility of a desirable future.

La Gazzetta di lucca – Igor Vazzaz – 22nd November 2011

“(…) A methodical madness not disdaining a certain humour (many laughs caught by a well disposed public) goes through the whole sequence of frames in which the five performers give life: from the animal dimension to the robotic automation (the slowly moving of Fabio Pagano from the bottom to the forestage), from the collective frenzy to the grotesque marking. The muscularity of the dancers well moulds to Castello’s absurdist exigency, to his recreational and ( de)constructing imagination. The vocal work of the five performers is remarkable: from the guttural phonetic to the ‘falsetto’, the alternating frequencies create surprising resounding situations, spaces of imagination drawing real scenes, well beyond an almost always neutral illumination. The end is framed between the positive clapping and the several calls of the public. (…)”

Teatro e critica – Sergio Lo Gatto – 12th September 2011

“ (…) The rhythm composed on stage by Castello is almost always well sized. The research on the freeze-frame and on the rallenty effect is still there, but this time the automatic functioning of the movements is declined on the relation action-reaction among the performers. Funny, original and of great care is the research of a new way of exploring the expressive language of the human kinds and of the clichés creating them. The vocal experimentation is the real strong point of this work, the one going further than the “simple” technique and lapsing into the listening, a good way for making of the spectator the summit closing the triangle. (…)”

Teatro e critica – Simone Nebbia – 6th September 2011

“ (…) Than will come the moment of Aldes/Roberto Castello and we will find his performance “Macello” (slaughter) and the study for the two movements of “Carne Trita” (Ground meat), meaning we will assist to one of the more interesting paths of the research on dance-theatre, which conquers me because Castello’s expression is a recognizable language never forgetting the co-presence, not giving in aestheticizations and feeding a research which is never exclusive, based on the belief that lightness is the grounding element for those doing seriously. (…)”

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