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In January 2019, ALDES received a double recognition from the Ubu Award 2018: Special Award to the project ALDES and special Award to Andrea Cosentino.
ALDES award motivation: for the constant work of choreographic research combined to the reserach for new audiences and for having given life to new talents in the field of contemporary dance, becoming a reference point on a national level by creating a recognizable artistic blueprint, while not strictly related to the poetics of a single artist.

The foundations of these achievements lie in the quality of the works produced by the artists that form part of ALDES: Caterina Basso, Roberto Castello, Marco Chenevier, Andrea Cosentino, Aline Nari, Elena Pisu, Stefano Questorio, Giselda Ranieri, Giacomo Verde, Francesca Zaccaria.

Roberto Castello
, founder and artistic director (Premio Speciale UBU in 1985 for "Il cortile" and  UBU Prize for the best show of the season in theater section and dance with "Il migliore dei mondi possibili" in 2003), Stefano Questorio, historic ALDES dancer since 1998 and choreographer (Premio Othello Sarzi - New theater realities in 2007, and Best Actor Prize, Loro del Reno Festival  in 2007),  Caterina Basso (Premio MasDanza20 special prize for best solo) and Giselda Ranieri (ACT Festival Bilbao 2016 / Best direction Prize) dancers in ALDES from 2007 - 2010, Aline Nari, performers in ALDES in past years, with Davide Frangioni who make projects of artistic research to combine different audience. In 2016 he will also work Francesca Zaccaria (his last choreographies were presented in France and Germany), performers in ALDES in 2004/2005, and the visual artist / performer Giacomo Verde.
With the national preview of July 2017 at Kilowatt Festival of "Kotekino Riff", Andrea Cosentino joins ALDES. The collaboration with Cosentino, which has led in recent years to the realization of some important projects, becomes so structured.
In 2018: Marco Chenevier, choreographer, dancer, director, actor and artistic director of Tida and TDanse Festival (1st Prize at Be Festival - Birmingham 2015, 1st Prize for contemporary dance Sarajevo Winter festival – 2013), and Elena Pisu choreographer, dancer.

The authors receiving ALDES’s support are: Roberto Castello, Ambra Senatore, Stefano Questorio, Irene Russolillo, Caterina Basso, Giselda Ranieri, Claudia Caldarano, Silvia Alfei, Massimiliano Barachini, Francesca Foscarini, Giorgia Nardin, foscarini:nardin:dagostin, Aline Nari and Davide Frangioni, Giacomo Verde, Francesca Zaccaria, Andrea Cosentino, Marco Chenevier, Elena Pisu.



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Roberto Castello (Torino 1960)
is probably the most ideologically engaged and politically controversial choreographer among the founders of Italian contemporary dance.

Dancer, choreographer and teacher he studies modern dance in Turin and New York.
In the earliest ‘80s, he dances with Carolyn Carlson's Teatro Danza la Fenice where he creates his first choreography.
His activity as a choreographer starts in 1983.
In 1984 he’s one of the founders of the Italian modern dance company Sosta Palmizi and creates, among the other pieces, some collective works (“Il Cortile” - Ubu prize 1986, “Tufo”, “Perduti una notte”).
In the ‘90s he starts his career as a free lance with the piece “Enciclopedia” and as a choreographer he works with several Italian companies such as Compagnia di Balletto del Teatro Regio in Tourin.
In 1993 he founds his new ensemble ALDES in Tuscany with whom he creates experiments and performances among dance, visual art and new technologies and realizes many dance and theater productions, in international environment too. Among the others productions he realizes: “Siamo qui solo per i soldi” (1994-‘95), “Biosculture” (1998) media installation for exhibition premises, ”Il fuoco, l’acqua, l’ombra” (1998) performance-installation in collaboration with Studio Azzurro, “Le avventure del Signor Quixana”, in collaboration with Paolo Atzori (Danza&Danza Prize for best contemporary dance performance) and others international co-productions.
In 2002 he starts working on “Il migliore dei mondi possibili” (the best of possible worlds), Ubu Price 2003, a multi-year project in 10 sections that is now at its ninth step.
In 2010 he is the choreographer for the tv format “Vieni via con me” by Fabio Fazio and the writer Roberto Saviano on Rai 3 national broadcast.
In 2011 he choreographs “Carne Trita – Voice and Dance Concert”, having its premiere at Teatro Cà Foscari in Venice.
In 2013 he’s choreographer in two movie-installations by Peter Greenaway, “The Towers” in Lucca (Italy) and “The Dance of Death” in Basel (Switzerland).
In 2015 he is invited to realize the choreography of La Notte della Taranta's main concert (Salento) and he debuts with his last two works: "In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni" with the ensamble ALDES, a very radical work made of pure movement and "Trattato di economia" (treaty of economy) with the actor Andrea Cosentino, a theater comic work on economy absurdities, and was invited as international guest choreographer by Zukt Academy of Frankfurt.

In year 2017 he ideates and supervises the project “93% – materials for a non-verbal politics” ( a platform of opinions, discussions, and exchange of material about non-verbal language, feast, dance, and the political potential of the body and the behaviour.

He’s curator of several festivals (Strade Contemporanee - '97/'99, Rizoma - ’05/'07, Tempi di Reazione – multidisciplinary improvisation happenings, Maratona Viola, Maratona Cahen, Reporters – 2008/2009/2010, Short Formats / italian contemporary choreography – 2009), Ring festival (2014) and, in 2008, he’s one of the founders of  “SPAM! rete per le arti contemporanee” (Contemporary Arts Network), a choreographic production center in Tuscany, organizing residencies, a multidisciplinary season, workshops, public meetings and didactic activities.

Since he has always been interested in the educational value of art, he has constantly been committed to divulge the art of dance through workshops and seminars, until he starts, in 2005, the course of digital choreography at the Academy of Fine Arts Brera 2 in Milan, where he taught until 2015.



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Dancer, actor, author. He was born in Thiene (Vicenza, Italy) in August 26th, 1968.
He worked as a performer with Italian and international companies such as Wim Vandekeybus , Studio Azzurro, Carolyn Carlson, L’Impasto, Fabrizio favale/Le Supplici, Zimmerfrei and others.
Since 2001 he has been working with Aldes directed by Roberto Castello and he takes part, as performer and co-author, to the pluri-annual project "Il Migliore dei Mondi Possibili" (The best of possibile worlds - Ubu prize in 2003).
In year 2003 he shows the solo “Trittico” (Triptych) and in 2005 “Promo”, works for which he is author and performer.
In year 2007 he directs the performance for children “Storia di un Gabbianella” (Story of a seagull - Prize Otello Sarzi - Nuove realtà del teatro).
Still in 2007 he starts with Valentina Buldrini the project “Georges Perec / Specie di Spazi” (Kind of spaces), divided until now in 2 episodes: study for 2 (best performer - prize rassegna Loro del Reno, Teatri di Vita, 2007) and the urban version (outside) “Due” (two).
In 2008 he works as performer in “L’inferno” (Hell) for the company Societas Raffaello Sanzio.


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Caterina Basso trained as a dancer in Bologna where she graduated in Communication Studies with a thesis in Theatre Semiology.

In 2006 she was selected for the Inteatro Festival Academy in Polverigi, at the end of which she presented her first choreographic work.

Since 2007 she has started her collaboration with ALDES and Roberto Castello, dancing in several productions. She has also collaborated with other companies and artistis, including Motus, Silvia Traversi, Ariella Vidach, Laura Moro. During the same years she spent intensive periods of study in New York, Tel Aviv (Batsheva Dance Company) and Berlin (Sasha Waltz).

In 2009 she started her collaboration with Ambra Senatore for Passo, winner of Premio Equilibrio Roma. Since then she has been working with the company: she has performed and collaborated to the creation of Studio, A posto, Insalata al veleno, Petites Briques and Aringa Rossa, which has been presented at Théatre de la Ville in Paris in 2015.

In 2014 she performs in Senza Titolo and Mondo Novo by Jerome Bel in Venice. In 2013 she creates her first solo piece Il volume com’era for the Venice Biennale Prima Danza project. The solo has been selected by Anticorpi Network XL 2014 and won the first prize at Masdanza festival 2015. In the same year she creates her second solo “Un minimo distacco”.

She speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish.


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Ranieri was born in Genova in 1983.
Dancer with a classical and contemporary background, she holds a MA in Theatre and Dance Disciplines. Since 2008 she’s researching in instant composition creating site-specific pieces and context specific works and collaborating with national and international artists: her works – like the dance and music site-specific BLIND DATE – have been presented in venues such as Galleria degli Uffizi Museum (Florence).
One of the founders of UBIdanza/Nari-Frangioni, since 2009 she’s working with the company.
Since 2010 she’s collaborating with ALDES becoming then associated artist in 2014. Since the same year she’s collaborating with Cosmin Manolescu for the European project E-MOTIONAL Rethinking Dance. Thanks to the best direction price to i…i…io?! she’s part of YIMA international network.
Her last solo T.I.N.A. has been hosted at Interplay (Turin) and selected for Supernova (Pergine) and Vetrina Anticorpi XL 2019.
Her HO(ME)_project in collaboration with Collectif Corps Citoyen, has been hosted for Valletta 2018 Program.


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Aline Nari

Aline Nari, choreographer, dancer, PHD in Italian Literature Studies, she studied ballet and contemporary dance (scholarship NYU/Unige with Douglas Dunn). Her artistic path explores several contexts  (contemporary dance, urban dance, video dance, dance studies) on the aim to meet different kind of audience.
She started her professional career as interpreter in 1993 dancing for some contemporary dance companies (in Italy and Switzerland) and Opera Theatres. Since 1998 until 2007 she joined Sosta Palmizi Association, dancing either with Raffaella Giordano (La notte trasfigurata) and Giorgio Rossi (Gli Scordati, Lolita, E d'accanto mi passano femmine) and in 2009 she worked for ALDES/ Roberto Castello (Scene da un matrimonio).
After her first own piece Danze Minute in 2000, she has been creating she several performances (Airsuite, Formaline, Temporabilia, Buon peso, etc) for the theatre and the public space together with the performer Davide Frangioni, with whom she also founded UBIdanza an association aimed to promote dance culture through different actions: performances, educational programmes, meetings. Their performances has been represented in Italy and in different european countries, substained by Lieux publics Centre National de Création (FR), MDI (UK), Hunge Unde Network, Ciudades que dançan Network, Teatri di Vita (I), Teatro Akropolis (I), Urban Bodies Festival (I).
As choreographer and performer she also collaborated with: the videomakers James Herbert (USA) e M. Mirabella (I), the director G. Gallione (Teatro dell'Archivolto - I), the choreographers Cosmin Manolescu (RO), Jany Jérémie (FR). Since 2005 she has been working with the polish director Michal Znaniecki for whom she signed the choreographies for some operas (Samson et Dalila, Candide, Krol Roger) in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Polony, Greece.
Besides her artistic career Aline Nari kept on dealing with theatre and dance studies. She obtained her PhD at University of Genoa, published essays on theatre, literature and dance. From september 2015 she will teach Dance History at Pisa University.


Davide Frangioni

perfomer, dancer and choreographer, arrives to dance after a diverse educational path (Fine Arts, Martial Arts, Visual Art Performance) thanks to the Course in Theatrical Miming organized by the Council of Genoa.
She starts her professional carer in 2002 with Compagnia Arbalete and he works straight after with Teatro dell’Archivolto, ithe group Araiké,  the Rumenian choreographer C. Manolescu, the French choreographer J. Jérémie.
Since 2004 he colleaborated with Aline Nari with whom he created several ppieces and founded the Cultural Association UBIdanza. He is also part of the project Steps from Tuscany, directed by Giorgio Rossi (Moscow, November 2007) and in 2008 he creates his solo X4MEN-Performen (Vetrina Anticorpi XL) and the following Elogio all'attesa. In 2010 he supervise the movements for the creation Pater Familias of the Company Kronoteatro.
Since a decade he is dedicated to the study and research in the field of old Roman fencing, under the guide of Maestro d’armi Corrado Tomaselli Casale.



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Giacomo Verde has been working in theatre and the visual arts since the 1970s. Since the 1980s he has produced works through the creative use of ‘low’ technology, such as video art, techno-performances, theatre shows, installations and learning workshops. He is the inventor of “tele-narration”, a technique also used for creating live-video-backdrops for concerts and poetry recitals. He was one of the first Italians to create interactive art works and net-art. He has worked with various different artistic teams as an author, actor, performer, musician, video-set designer and director. He lectures on directing at the Fine Arts Academy of Torino, on video-theatre at the Fine Arts Academy of Macerata. Worked with prison inmates, animated 'Euclide', the interactive artificial puppet, created "poor" and alternative games for using television intelligently, founded the SeStessiVideo production company, taught how to destroy television sets, written, polemicized, invented formulae and definitions. Reflecting on and playfully experimenting with the latest techno-anthropo-logical developments underway and building bridges between different art genres is a constant with Verde. Since 1998 he has lived in Lucca. .


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Francesca Zaccaria
dancer, choreographer, painter

She connects her research in dance with a close dialogue related to painting, as a direct witness of a perceptive listening of gesture, in its revealing complexity.

Graduated in painting at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti di Genova, she obtains a scholarship, Project Erasmus, year '98/'99, at the Université d'Arts Plastiques Saint-Denis, Paris.
In year 2002 she enriches her dance skills with Martial Arts,by following the Method Noro/Kinomichi, Aikido and Japanese Sword.
Currently, furthermore, she practices Yoga non dual tradition of Kashmir, as  per Eric Barry's method.

She has been an interpreter for the Compagnia ALDES/Roberto Castello, Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, in the project named "Autour de Blowin" by Catherine Diverrès, in the Chorus of "Enrico V" by Pippo Delbono and different productions for Teatro dell'Archivolto in Genova.
In 2005 thanks to her first choreography, she gains the price Junge Hunde/Sosta Palmizi Network.
In 2007 together with Giovanni Di Cicco, she gives birth to Compagnia Dergah Danza Teatro in choreographic residence at Teatro dell'Archivolto in Genova.
In 2013 she receives an invitation to join the Folkwang of Contemporary Dance in Essen-Werden, in order to run a workshop and after, produce a choreography for the Tanzabend 2015.
Her  latest choreographies "A Solo Drama" year 2013 and "L'Artista cade (come frutto e figlio) year 2014, produced in cooperation with Teatro dell'Archivolto, have been displayed in France and Germany.
In 2016 for the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava she produces "Bodies Garden/Krajina Snov" with students of I II III year of the Theater Dance department.
At the moment she has been working in France with Cie Sic.12/Gustavo Giacosa and she is part of the ALDES authors.


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Andrea Cosentino

Attore, autore, comico e studioso di teatro.

E' inventore, proprietario, conduttore e conduttrice unico/a di Telemomò, la televisione autarchica a filiera corta. Tra i suoi spettacoli 'La tartaruga in bicicletta in discesa va veloce', il ‘dittico del presente’ costituito da 'L'asino albino e Angelica' (i cui testi son pubblicati in Carla Romana Antolini (a cura di), Andrea Cosentino l’apocalisse comica, Roma, Editoria e spettacolo, 2008), Antò le Momò-avanspettacolo della crudeltà, 'Primi passi sulla luna' (il cui testo in versione narrativa è pubblicato da Tic edizioni), 'Not here not now' e (in collaborazione con Roberto Castello / ALDES) 'Trattato di economia'.

Le sue apparizioni televisive vanno dalla presenza come opinionista comico nella trasmissione AUT-AUT (Gbr-circuito Cinquestelle) nel 1993 alla partecipazione nel 2003 alla trasmissione televisiva Ciro presenta Visitors (RTI mediaset), per la quale inventa una telenovela serial-demenziale recitata da bambole di plastica. E' promotore del PROGETTO MARA'SAMORT, che opera per un'ipotesi di teatro del-con-sul margine, attraverso una ricerca tematica, linguistica e performativa sulle forme espressive subalterne.


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Marco Chenevier was born in Aosta on 4th  July 1983.
He is a choreographer, dancer, director and actor.

He dances for various companies in Italy and France (Romeo Castellucci and Cindy Van Acker, Cie CFB451 (CCN of Roubaix - Carolyn Carlson), Cie Lolita Espin Anadon, Les Eclats, ...)

His choreographic research crosses genres, exploring the boundaries between the languages of dance and theatre.

He has been founding member and director of the company TiDA, for the last twelve years his main instrument of production and experimentation.
In 2016 the encounter with Roberto Castello highlights strong mutual intellectual affinities, that lead in 2017 to Castello’s mentoring in the production “Questo lavoro sull’arancia” and later on in the year into the actualization of a merger between the organizations TiDA and ALDES, company that Chenevier will join with his équipe in 2018.

He is author of fifteen productions with which he participated in, among others:
Be Festival – first prize (UK), International Mess Festival (Bosnia), Teszt Festival (Romania), International Ancient Greek Drama Festival (Cyprus), OpenDance Festival (Italia), International festival of Sarajevo - Sarajevo Winter Festival (Bosnia) - first prize for contemporary dance, HangartFest (Italia), Differenti Sensazioni (Italia), Saison Culturelle d'Aoste (Italy), Barhat Rang Mahotsav Festival (India), Teatro Superga of Nichelino - Theatrical Circuit of Piedmont (Italy), Festival VD'A – Voci dell'Anima (Italy ), Turin Fringe Festival (Italy), PerAspera Festival (Italy), Festival Marato de l'Espectacle (Spain), Pflasterspektakel Festival Linz (Austria ), Namyangju Festival (South Korea), Zdarzenia Festival of Tchew (Poland), the Mediterranean Games (Italy), Spazi d'Ascolto (Italy), Settembre in Danza (Italy), Torino Spiritualità Festival (Italy), Il sacro attraverso l'ordinario Festival (Italy), Festival Teatri di Vetro (Italia), FITT Festival di Tarragona (SP), Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival (NL), Festival Mirabilia di Fossano (Italia), Morenica festival (Italia), Caffeine Festival (Italia), Festival Exister (Italia)

He has been in charge of the artistic direction of events including the "Morg-Ex Machina" Festival (for ten years), the "Roma Street Art Festival" (for two years), the festival "The groundhogs do not sleep" and other special projects, and he has now the artistic direction of the “T*Danse – danse et technologie festival, international contemporary dance festival of Aosta”, with the co-director Francesca Fini.



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Elena Pisu, dancer and choreographer.

She tranied at the London Contemporary Dance School and at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (BPA Dance Degree). She continued her training at Modem Studio Atelier by Compagnia Zappalà Danza and studying with Les Ballets C. De la B., DV8, H2dance, Wayne Mc Gregor, Henri Oguike, Richard Alston.

In 2011 her first choreographic work has been selected by the project RIgenerazione of Teatro Stabile di Torino (Torino State Theatre) and has been hosted by the festivals Interplay and Ammutinamenti (Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore – Young Dance Makers Showcase).
In 2013 she started working with company TIDA Théâtre – Danse, first as a dancer and, as from 2015, as an associate artist.

In 2015/16 she developed her research project Corpocentrico with the support of Workspace Ricerca X, research space created by Carlotta Scioldo and Erika Di Crescenzo and supported by Piemonte dal Vivo. She has worked with genau dance collective, Teatro di Castalia, Stalker Teatro, and in visual arts and site specific projects with Alessandro Mendini, Collective Intelligence, Gianni Ricciardi.
From 2018 he joined ALDES as author and head of the SPAM! project residences and artistic hospitality.